Role of direct traffic in SEO

What is direct traffic?

When a user comes to the website without referring website, it is called direct traffic. For example, suppose your company name is xyz, and i searched the company’s name on Google and opened your company website in search results. Such traffic is called direct traffic.

Why is direct traffic substantial?

Now when you know what direct traffic is, how it arrives on your website. Now comes the time to find out why it is necessary. We have some important information here so that we can easily understand the importance of direct traffic.

Returning Visitors. — Direct traffic is coming to the website. Whether visitors come by typing the URL or clicking on the website’s bookmark shows that people are showing interest in your website. And it is more likely that it will come back to your website. The traffic coming again indicates that your website is very user-friendly or interested in your service or products.

People recommend website — When people recommend your website to someone else, then direct traffic increases. It shows that you have significantly succeeded by making your business identity accessible to the people.

Include Traditional Marketing — Along with digital marketing, it is beneficial to make traditional marketing a part of your marketing strategy. Marketing the business traditionally increases the trust of people in your industry. You do marketing in any way like giving advertisements in radio, TV or newspaper.

Direct traffic is the most critical customer for any online business because they have memorized your website and tried to reach you.

Is direct traffic good for SEO?

If seen from the perspective of SEO, direct traffic to your site doesn’t affect your Google ranking directly, but Google considers it as a quality signal. It makes Google your website reputable and trustworthy. If a user comes by typing the URL of your website on an internet browser, then it means that they already know about your business.

Returning visitors and new direct traffic are always beneficial for the SEO. The search engine algorithm uses direct traffic as a comparison matrix against your opponent. Having direct traffic to the website helps Google measure the reputation and popularity of your website among your industry peers.

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